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Other Issues Treated

Habit Reversal

• nail-biting

• compulsive lying

• thumb-sucking

• hair-pulling

• smoking cessation

• other compulsive habits


Anger Management

• identification of triggers to anger

• clarification of cognitive distortions which underlie angry responses

• learning new coping techniques

• management/repair of relationships

• learning improved communication skills


Personality Disorders

• understanding personality disorders

• identification of issues and triggers

• learning new coping techniques

• management/repair of relationships


Impulse Control Difficulties

• cutting and other self-injurious behaviors

• self-monitoring training

• alternative self-soothing techniques

• methodical decision-making skills


Self-Esteem Issues

• identification of automatic negative self-talk

• assertiveness training and boundary setting

• establishing a pattern of successes

• learning new techniques for positive self-talk

• presenting self to others and body language


Stress Management

• understanding the source of your stress

• learning a model for balanced living

• implementation of new coping skills

• specific focus on workplace, family, or interpersonal stress

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